POLL: What’s your favorite Katharine Hepburn WWII movie?

Sam teaches Tess baseball. She catches on fairly quickly.

In Hepburn’s first ever film with Spencer Tracy, she plays high-flying political journalist Tess Harding and he is lowly sports writer Sam Craig on the same newspaper. Although at first the two clash ideologically, they quickly fall in love and marry. The couple struggles to stay together as Tess (Hepburn) continues to rate her job as a higher priority than her marriage. One of the strongest portrayals of a successful business woman on the big screen.


(Dir. George Cukor; Writ. I.A.R. Wylie, Donald Ogden Stewart)

Journalist Steve O’Mally (Tracy) uncovers more than he bargained for when he interviews Mrs. Christine Forrest (Hepburn), widow of a recently deceased national hero.

(Dir. Frank Borzage; Writ. Delmer Daves)
Hepburn with Eileen (Cheryl Walker)

A cavalcade of various stage and screen stars work at a USO canteen to offer nightly entertainment to soldiers on leave in New York City. Performers include: Tallulah Bankhead, Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy, Ray Bolger, Gracie Fields, Helen Hayes, Johnny Weissmuller, Lynn Fontanne, Gypsy Rose Lee, Harpo Marx, Ethel Merman, Ethel Waters, Count Basie (and band), Benny Goodman (and band), and many many others. Hepburn performs the film’s patriotic monologue toward the end of the film.

4.) DRAGON SEED (1944)
(Dir. arold S. Bucquet; Writ. Pearl S. Buck (novel))

Rebellious Jade Tan (Hepburn) and her family struggle to survive in war-torn China in this epic war film.

5.) WITHOUT LOVE (1945)
(Dir. Harold S. Bucquet; Writ. Philip Barry)

Due to a housing shortage in Washington DC during the war, military scientist Pat Jamieson (Tracy) sets up shop in widow Jamie Rowan’s (Hepburn) basement. The unlikely pair purposefully enter into a loveless marriage in order to support each other’s work and to protect each other from romance. This comedy also stars Keenan Wynn and Lucille Ball.

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