Infographic: Gender Inequality in Film

When I was an au pair in England last year, I had a really deep conversation with the bright little 10-year-old boy I was taking care of. As a fellow blogger, Louis couldn’t understand how I could find enough feministy film stuff to write about.

So I took Louis over to his bookcase of seemingly thousands of kid movies and asked him to count how many movies were about a boy. Then we counted the movies that told stories from the boy’s point of view. We then looked at the movies that had a boy’s name in the title. We did the same for movies about girls and compared the numbers.

One thing I should point out is that Louis has a twin sister, so the statistics he could read in their jointly-owned film collection really hit home for him. He was shocked, to say the least, by what the numbers were telling him. This excersize led to many fascinating conversations every time we chose a movie for Friday family film night.

I recommend doing it with your own family – ESPECIALLY the little boys. The more young men who are able to recognize the injustices being placed upon women within a patriarchal society, the less of a “women hate men” fight feminists will fight in the future.

I am often surprised by how much resistance I find when conversing with people about feminism and film. Many people don’t see that there is a problem to discuss: “You pesky feminists are always finding fault in every little thing.” Just the other day at Starbucks I was discussing my feminist film blogging with a regular customer who thought it was very interesting but, “You won’t be able to make a [feminist] point for every movie.”

I BEG TO DIFFER! Every single movie that has ever been made since the beginning of time offers its own commentary on gender roles. Some portray women in degrading, hyper-sexualized roles, while others present a more progressive view of women, as active participants in society.

This infographic shows how women’s involvement in the film industry has changed over the past ten years or so. It has changed much more drastically since the silent era, when there were almost as many female writers and directors as there were men.

New York Film Academy takes a look at gender inequality in film

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