When my friend was away in France teaching English for a year, she emailed me with some titles of must-see French movies. One of them was MONSIEUR LAZHAR (2011), which is in fact French-Canadian. This film directed by Philippe Falardeau takes place in a Montreal public school. When a middle […]


The first musical number in THE MUPPETS (2011) immediately put me in mind of the old Busby Berkeley movies of yore, and you can hardly imagine my glee at the cameo appearance of Mickey Rooney, who starred with Judy Garland in two Busby Berkeley musicals, during “Life’s a Happy Song“! The old-fashioned musical style […]

WAR HORSE (2011)

How long has it been since we had a corny, sentimental, melodramatic, seven-year-old girl, horse movie? Not long enough. Disney’s Secretariat came out just a year ago. I had such high hopes for War Horse because I had heard of its success on Broadway. apparently, the puppet horses caused audiences to “become entranced by the mean of making […]

HUGO (2011)

Hugo Cabret is a little boy who lives in the walls of a 1930s-era Paris train station. His job is to keep the many clocks of the station in working order, but in his spare time he works on his late father’s pet project, trying to repair a broken automaton. […]

THE HELP (2011)

Driving Miss Daisy has been one of my favorite movies about racial relations in the South for a long time, but I believe it has now been surpassed by leagues by The Help. The Help is about a young white graduate of Ole Miss who, trying to make a name for herself as a writer, […]


Give me Harrison Ford on a horse with a cool hat and I am so there. Add a shirtless Daniel Craig and my mouth begins to water. Great fight scenes, threatening creatures from another planet, some great explosions, and a classic father/son story all make this movie worth the price of the ticket (and […]

SUPER 8 (2011)

A few days ago I went to see Super 8 – bad title, great movie. The title is one of the few things wrong with this movie. I actually don’t even remember what it refers to in the movie…[I have since been informed that Super 8 is a type of […]