Exciting Announcement!

Graduate school, here I come! I am excited to announce that I have officially accepted an offer of acceptance from the University of York (UK) for their MA in Film and Literature! The film and lit. MA is a one-year programme that “examines the lively and symbiotic traffic between written […]

Mata Hari: Exotic Dancer, Courtesan, Spy

Name at birth: Margaretha Geertruida Zelle Date of Birth: 7 August 1876 Place of birth: Leeuwarden, Netherlands Spouse: Cpt. Rudolph John McLeod (m. 1895 – 1907) Children: Norman-John MacLeod (30 January 1897 – 27 June 1899)                      Louise Jeanne MacLeod (2 May 1898 – 10 August […]

Websites Worth Visiting

It’s been a busy couple of months, and I must apologize to my faithful followers (hello, Judy!) for not having written much since the massively successful TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon, for which I earned a Blu-Ray copy of WEST SIDE STORY (1961). Although I’ve been dreadfully remiss in […]

And the winners are…

Over the past month or so I’ve posted four polls about Katharine Hepburn movies and co-stars. Although you can continue to cast your votes on those polls, I thought I’d give all those who have already voted a run-down on the scores. What’s your favorite Katharine Hepburn classic? has 20 […]

A Word About Meryl Streep

A critic for Entertainment Weekly magazine stated in an article that Meryl Streep is obviously the best actress alive today. I beg to differ. Are we really going to pass over Maggie Smith and Judi Dench and all the other great Dames for Meryl Streep? I may be the only self-respecting film critic who is not impressed with Meryl Streep as […]