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Marlene Dietrich’s Re-Education of American Female Sensuality

This post was originally written for my MA Film and Literature course “Cold War Culture: Literature, Film, Theory in Cold War Europe” at the University of York (lecturer Dr. Erica Sheen).  The most poignant line Marlene Dietrich has in A Foreign Affair is when she asks her American army officer lover, […]

God and the Angel: Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh

This post is written in conjunction with the Star-Studded Couple Blogathon hosted by Phyllis Loves Classic Movies. “If we loved each other only with our bodies I suppose it would be alright. I love you with much more than that. I love you with, oh everything somehow, with a special […]

All the Oscars Katharine Hepburn DIDN’T Win

This film is written in conjunction with the Oscar Snubs Blogathon hosted by Silver Scenes. Anybody following the Academy Awards excitement will have probably seen the various Oscars trivia posts floating around the web, most of them giving a nod to the great Katharine Hepburn and her unprecedented 4 Oscar […]

A Legacy of ‘Difficult Women’: from 18th century Britain to classic Hollywood

This weekend I had the privilege of attending the ‘Difficult Women: 1680-1830’ Conference hosted by the Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies at the University of York. This was a two-day interdisciplinary event which included presentations from the fields of literature, history, history of art, costuming/history of fashion, theatre history, and women’s […]

Musical Patriotism and Nostalgia in CASABLANCA (1942)

The other day on Groupon they featured an offer to see the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra play along with CASABLANCA (1942) and I sincerely regret not jumping at this chance to give myself the best Valentine’s Day gift imaginable! As we know, CASABLANCA is on every top 100 movie list out […]

The Great TAMING OF THE SHREW (1908) Debate

The feisty Fritzi over at Movies, Silently has had the unmitigated gall to challenge me, the self-proclaimed, magnificent, most humble Queen of Shakespeare to a duel to the blogging death over the quality/significance/thingness of D.W. Griffith‘s THE TAMING OF THE SHREW (1908). How dare she embark on a mission so […]

Mata Hari: Exotic Dancer, Courtesan, Spy

Name at birth: Margaretha Geertruida Zelle Date of Birth: 7 August 1876 Place of birth: Leeuwarden, Netherlands Spouse: Cpt. Rudolph John McLeod (m. 1895 – 1907) Children: Norman-John MacLeod (30 January 1897 – 27 June 1899)                      Louise Jeanne MacLeod (2 May 1898 – 10 August […]

The Era of the Ealing Comedy (for The British Invaders Blogathon)

Ealing Studios is a television and film production company and facilities provider at Ealing Green in West London. Films have been made on the site ever since Will Barker bought the White Lodge on Ealing Green in 1902 as a base for film making. It is the oldest continuously working studio facility for film production […]

10 Things to Love about WITHOUT LOVE (1945)

Harold S. Buquet’s WITHOUT LOVE (1945) is without doubt one of Katharine Hepburn’s most underrated films. She plays a Jamie Rowan, a scientist’s daughter who rents out part of her Washington DC home to a Pat Jamieson (Spencer Tracy), a scientist who cannot find anywhere to live and work due to the […]

The Women of the London Detection Club of the 1930s: Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Company

Do you promise that your detectives shall well and truly detect the crimes presented to them, using those wits which it may please you to bestow upon them and not placing reliance on, nor making use of Divine Revelation, Feminine Intuition, Mumbo-Jumbo, Jiggery-Pokery, Coincidence or the Act of God? I […]

Why LITTLE WOMEN (1933) is a very big deal

“There’s one thing George and I agree on. Actually, we agree on almost everything. I don’t know anything we don’t agree on. One thing we really agree on is, we love LITTLE WOMEN. We loved doing it. And we love the film we made.” (Katharine Hepburn in Chandler, 83) LITTLE […]

CMBA Film Passion 101 Blogathon: THE WOMEN (1939)

This post is written in conjunction with the Classic Movie Blog Association (CMBA) Film Passion 101 Blogathon. Old movies were a natural part of my childhood. My parents have always enjoyed classic films, so I grew up with AMC, Turner Classic Movies, and movies from our own VHS collection. My […]

Alfred Hitchcock Cavorting with Cavett

This post is written in conjunction with the Hitchcock Halloween blogathon hosted by Backlots. Alfred Hitchcock’s groundbreaking work had a ubiquitous effect on the film industry – there isn’t a scary movie today that has not in some way been influenced by the English director’s vision. The famed horror/mystery/thriller/suspense director […]

Websites Worth Visiting

It’s been a busy couple of months, and I must apologize to my faithful followers (hello, Judy!) for not having written much since the massively successful TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon, for which I earned a Blu-Ray copy of WEST SIDE STORY (1961). Although I’ve been dreadfully remiss in […]

REMODELING HER HUSBAND (1920): A lost Gish sisters treasure

This post is written in conjunction with the Gish Sisters Blogathon hosted by The Motion Pictures and Movies, Silently. For my previous post about Dorothy and Lillian Gish, see Conservatism in Revolution: The Gish sisters in D. W. Griffith’s ORPHANS OF THE STORM (1921). For more about silent movies in general, […]

Shirley Jones (28 August SUTS)

This post is written in conjunction with the Summer Under the Stars Blogathon hosted by Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence and Scribe Hard on Film. Full listings for SUTS programming on Turner Classic Movies can be found HERE. “Deep down I am a small-town girl from Smithton, Pennsylvania.” Despite having only seen a couple of her […]

Book Review: “Celluloid Gaze” by Boze Hadleigh

I won this book last year from my first ever blogathon, the Queer Film Blogathon 2012 hosted by Garbo Laughs and Pussy Goes Grrr. Not being terribly interested in queer theory myself, I was tempted to set this book aside. But flipping through I noticed a whole chapter devoted to […]