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STAGE DOOR (1937): A Feminist Perspective

Because Katharine Hepburn’s star text in so many of her film roles reads as a liberated feminist, the audience becomes tempered to the idea of whole groups of women being autonomous. Before STAGE DOOR (1937), she had made such films as CHRISTOPHER STRONG (1933), LITTLE WOMEN (1933), ALICE ADAMS (1935), […]

Queer Film Blogathon 2012: SYLVIA SCARLETT (1935)

This post is written in conjunction with the second annual Queer Film Blogathon hosted by Garbo Laughs and Pussy Goes Grrrr! The first film that came to mind for me when I signed up to participate in this blogathon (my first, as it happens!) was George Cukor’s SYLVIA SCARLETT (1935), the first film […]

Nazi Anti-Semitic Propaganda Filmmaking: Veit Harlan and JUD SUSS (1940)

Veit Harlan and Kristina Soderbaum At our weekly village movie night this week we watched a documentary called Harlan: In the Shadow of “Jew Suss” about Third Reich propaganda filmmaker, Veit Harlan, whose controversial film inspired a nation to persecute and murder all Jews. I had not heard of Veit Herlan before […]